What is Juju Cleanse

Cold-pressed, fresh, delivered to your doorstep, and ready to go, Juju Cleanse is a no fuss, all benefits approach to juice fasting.

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Why Cleanse?

In short, to live long and prosper. Between everything we eat, the activities we lead, and the city we live in, we tend to accumulate toxins of all sorts. In a nutshell, the Juju Cleanse program is designed to give your body a break, so that it can focus on digesting nutrients and flushing out the junk. It also promotes alkalinity in the body to reduce the foothold of the nasties.

If you're saying to yourself, "okay, I get that. I need to cleanse, but I still need to know more?" then

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Where do I start?

Choose a Duration

Choose a 1, 3, or 5-day cleanse.

Choose your Level

Select from one of our pre-designed kit levels.


Order you cleanse online or give us a call.





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