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Product Price Quantity Totals
Level 1 1-day P 2,500.00
Level 2 1-day P 2,500.00
Level 3 1-day P 2,500.00
Level 1 3-day P 7,100.00
Level 2 3-day P 7,100.00
Level 3 3-day P 7,100.00
Green Bomb P 200.00
Alkazest P 200.00
Spicy Limonada P 200.00
Red Giant P 200.00
Salabat Lemon P 200.00
Vanilla Nutmilk P 200.00
Chocolate Nutmilk P 200.00
Qcumber Quench P 200.00
Atomic Carrot P 200.00
Cold Brew Coffee P 200.00
Nutmilk Latte P 200.00
Mexican Mocha P 200.00
First Name:*
Last Name:*
Date of Cleanse:


  1. Completely fill in the order form.
  2. Press "Submit".
  3. Wait for our confirmation email or text.
  4. Pay the amount due into our bank account.
  5. Fax or email us your proof of payment with your name on the deposit slip.
  6. Wait for our confirmation that we have received your payment and have scheduled your Juju Cleanse.
  7. Make sure that there is somebody home to receive your Juju Cleanse the night before it is scheduled to start.
  8. Make sure that the bottles are refrigerated right away.
  9. Get Cleansed!


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  • Prices and totals shown are indicative only. Final pricing will be confirmed via either text or email to the phone or email address that you specify.
  • Repeat customers may use this form but disregard the prices quoted as pricing will be confirmed once we receive the order.
  • If you have any concerns, questions, or if you want to customize your order further please contact us directly.
  • Once we confirm your order, please then pay the amount due using the bank details that we provide and fax (02-831-0131) or email us your proof of payment. Please write your name on the fax or email so that we have a reference.





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