Juju Cleanse

How many days should I cleanse for?

The length of your cleanse determines how "clean" your body gets.

1-Day Cleanse

Whether you’re just poking your nose around in this unknown world of cleansing or it’s simply a time restriction that limits you to the 1-day cleanse, you need to know that your body thanks you for this break. This is the default cleanse duration and is easy enough that we recommend that you give the common Eastern practice of a one day a week, every week, cleanse a try. It’s the most manageable way to incorporate cleansing into your lifestyle while achieving astronomical benefits!

3-Day Cleanse

If you intend to do more than scratch the surface, and deeper lasting results are what you’re after, then the 3-day cleanse is the one for you. It gives your body enough time to truly assimilate all the incoming goodness down to the cellular level, as well as to purge and eliminate more of the nasty stuff that’s lodged in your system. If you want to take it step further then consider the 3-day cleanse a part of your monthly anti-aging, health, and beauty regimen.